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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Grace and Peace,

Has your dream and prayer life died?
Have you put it aside to collect dust on a shelf?
Has the enemy told you it was too big to ever come true?


Dreams and prayer are your pathway to victory!

(Birthing of the apostolic and prophetic wind and word of God released through prayer), with praise, worship, prophetic prayer, and teaching, which will bring healing to the total man.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you…..”
God has plans for you... plans to give you a hope and a future! He has placed a dream of that future inside you.

Ephesians 5:14 says, “Wake up, O Sleeper!”

Now is the time to WAKE UP and pursue the dreams of the blessed life God has promised you!

Brothers and Sisters let us help one another receive the fulfillment of our personal dream and for our community.

Prayer and Dreams have no limits and neither does the life God has planned for you and I! This faith-awakening information includes five inspiring areas in life to dream.
• Dare to Pray and Dream for the Family, Your Family Blessed
• Dare to Pray and Dream for the Community, Your Greatest Dream Fulfilled
• Dare to Pray and Dream for the Church, Birthing Your Miracle
• Dare to Pray and Dream for the School, Wake up, O Sleeper, Raise from the Dead
• Dare to Pray and Dream for the Prison, and Christ will shine on your Potential

We are asking you to join us on a 50 days journey with prayer and fasting for our children, in our community of our city streets in the United States Of America, to reclaim our kids from the street life, calling them back into the homes and making our communities a safe place again.  Therefore, I am asking if you can prepare a prayer team in your city or your church for us to have a prayer point of contact as we pray for the children in each state.

We would also like you to pray about sponsoring a week of prayer on April 11-17, 2022 if you cannot attend the Prophetic Wind Of Restoration with us in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This is presented by Manna From Heaven Ministries and  A Mother's Cry International, Inc. from Charlotte, North Carolina.  It will be hosted, at a hotel. On this journey is three days of  Prophetic Wind Of Restoration Summit Retreat, April 15-17, 2022.

Please registration your prayer team on our registration page or email to

Your Sister in Christ,

Apostle Dr. Ann DeCoteau
Project Coordinator

P.S.: Please make a donation towards our youth program or please consider giving a love gift of $30, $31 or your best gift to help us continue to minister to the lost and hurting around the world through the From Prison To Potential, Beyond the Four Walls radio broadcast, Ann Decoteau Ministries, Kyle Decoteau Foundation, inc. TFM City Of Hope, Inc and Beauty Of Grace 101 Women 4 Change a Subsidiaryof A Mother's Cry International, Inc. in North Carolina.  We pray that the blessing of God will continually be manifested in your life.

May he continue to richly bless you in abundant of wealth and health for your compassionate support.

phone: 646-239-1758

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