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Prophet Samuel Clarkson - Williams

Prophet Samuel is a warfare prophet with the anointing and gifting of dealing with DNA, bloodlines and family altars. He has the ability to know his strengths in the kingdom that will set the captive free. Prophet demonstrates through Salvation, Healing, Deliverance, and setting many free from altars set to destroy many lives. He firmly believes in prayer before prophecy and puts his prayer life in front of his gift. His great passion to destroy the altars in the family bloodline, which is evident through demonstration of the Word of God which is a strength of his gift.  One of his gifts out of many is to see your family in the spirit and spell their names! He has a strong relationship with God and hears His voice clearly concerning the people of God.  His revelatory knowledge of the Word of God is enlightening and his knowledge of the enemies’ tactics prepares you to war in prayer against the assignment against your life by truly pulling down strongholds! You need to hear his knowledge to move you and your family forward.

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